HVAC and mechanical estimating software

⠀⠀Create winning bids in less than half the time
⠀⠀Excellent 1:1 training and support
⠀⠀Designed to make estimating easy for tradies

Contractors specialising in HVAC systems need to work with precision at every stage in order to make a healthy profit. The estimating process can be a major factor, as it typically takes at least a few hours to prepare any quote manually. RapidBid solves that problem and makes your workflow more efficient at every stage.

Ideal software for commercial HVAC estimating

RapidBid was developed to solve a problem that affects a large majority of contractors. Although software to help with producing quotes already existed, none of these really provided an intuitive solution to the real problem.

The only way to significantly reduce wasted time is to use a program that takes care of every single step, from sorting technical drawings to exporting a quote that’s ready for your customer to review. RapidBid accomplishes all that, and much more.

Contractors are all unique, of course, even within the same trade. The way you usually produce quotes based on a set of drawings might be different to another HVAC or mechanical engineering company. It’s certainly different to how a plumber or painter would work.

However, RapidBid provides a digital toolkit that’s flexible enough to work seamlessly for any contractor. You can use the estimating software to measure the pipes you need for a small mechanical plumbing project, or complete a take-off for a huge commercial HVAC system. It’s the same program, but it includes all the specialised tools you’ll need for any kind of HVAC work.

For example, RapidBid allows you to switch between round or rectangular ductwork at the click of a button. The costs of each material can be calculated automatically. When you measure or count something on the drawing, it’s instantly reflected in your estimate.

All in all, once you see the software in action and receive some straightforward training from our team, you’ll immediately start to see how easy it is to save hours on every project.

Increase your profits, decrease your stress

The process of going through a manual take-off and creating an estimate usually takes a long time, and that inevitably puts pressure on you and your team. When enquiries come in, clients are expecting things to move fast, and of course there are always deadlines to meet. There’s nothing worse than rushing to finish a quote in time, only to find out one of your competitors completed it faster and won the job, so your efforts were for nothing.

Actually, there might be one thing worse than that. Rushing can also lead to mistakes, and that can be especially serious when it comes to HVAC systems. One miscalculation has the potential to hold up the entire project, which is costly in terms of both time and your reputation.

It’s obvious that a computer can instantly calculate the answers to complex equations, and it won’t make mistakes, so why would you take the risk? Until now, the only good answer to that question was that there simply wasn’t a viable alternative to manual take-offs, but RapidBid represents an ideal solution for most contractors.

In addition to being accurate and fast, it’s much easier to follow the process when you have a specially-designed program to guide you. Doing take-offs manually is a difficult skill that takes years to perfect, so finding the right team members with the appropriate level of knowledge can be a challenge. Using RapidBid, the learning curve is much smoother, so it’s easier to scale up your operation and share the estimating workload with more of your team members.

See our commercial HVAC mechanical estimating software in action

We offer all contractors a chance to see for themselves what our software can do before we expect anyone to commit to a subscription. After all, we think RapidBid speaks for itself.

To arrange your free demo, just click the button at the bottom of this page. You’ll then see a range of times and dates, from which you can select a suitable option for you. We’ll be in touch to confirm, and when it’s time for your demo we’ll send you a link to remotely access one of our screens. That way we can remotely talk you through the system and answer any questions.

It’s all completely free with no pressure, so don’t worry. We just find it’s the most effective way to give you a sense of how RapidBid can change the way you work.