Flooring estimating software that saves valuable time

⠀⠀Create winning bids in less than half the time
⠀⠀Excellent 1:1 training and support
⠀⠀Designed to make estimating easy for tradies

RapidBid is an ideal software solution for contractors who specialise in flooring and tiling. Using just a few of the simple tools included in the program will make light work of your take-off, and within minutes you’ll have everything you need to generate a quick and accurate quote.

How our software works for flooring projects

Instead of following the traditional process and wasting valuable hours at the start of every potential project, RapidBid allows you to complete the task much faster and with far less effort.

First, you can load up all the drawings you need in the program without ever having to print a single sheet. The Review tab in the program makes it easy to preview and select only the files you need, filtering out anything that’s not relevant to the flooring.

Next, simply use your mouse to start drawing over the top of your plans. The take-off tools built into the program allow you to measure lengths and areas instantly, so you can quickly calculate the amount of materials you’ll need for the job.

As you go along, you can specify the materials and components you’ll need across the entire project so when you come to produce your estimate, everything is automatically listed. For example, if you need to count every instance of a tile, the estimating software can do that in a couple of clicks.

From there, totaling up all your prices and working out costs is extremely quick and easy. The hours you’ve saved all represent time you can now spend doing paid work. Once you multiply that by every project you quote for, it really starts to add up.

The results? Better estimates and better profits

No matter what size your business is, RapidBid can help you improve your workflow dramatically. This will quickly become apparent as you spend less and less time on each quote as you get more and more practice (although it’s very easy to pick up the skills you need from our one-to-one training and intuitive interface). RapidBid is much more than just estimating software that can count tiles and floorboards; it’s a revolutionary way of working that sets you free from a life of stressing over papers and missing deadlines.

For small businesses, the cost savings offered by the RapidBid method can be crucial to improving your profits. Using the on-screen tools gives you precise control over your measurements and quantities, reducing wasted materials and allowing you to work faster, even on complex drawings. A speedy turnaround also lets you create a much better impression when dealing with potential clients, giving you an advantage that could make all the difference in a closely competitive market.

For larger scale commercial projects, the time and cost savings are exponential. The efficiency and precision offered by a computer program are a major benefit when compared with manual calculations. This lets you scale up your operations quickly without sacrificing accuracy, so you can comfortably take on bigger opportunities and grow your business in the same time it would have taken you to take-off and quote a small project by hand.

Get a free demo of our estimating software for flooring

We’d love to show you exactly how our estimating program works with a free, no-strings demonstration. We’re sure you’re going to love it, but the decision is completely in your control – that’s what we believe in. Taking back control of your time is really the key.

On that note, it’s completely up to you when to book your free demo. Just click the button below, and you’ll see a list of all the slots we have available. When you’ve selected an appointment that suits you, one of our team will be in touch to remotely demonstrate the software in action.

We’ll also be able to talk you through the most suitable options for your business in terms of pricing and features. RapidBid is flexible and adaptable to suit you, so we’ll make sure you’re all set up to save as much time and money as possible.

But again, it’s up to you. The demo is free and there’s no pressure.