Simple, powerful insulation estimating software

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To make a profit in the insulation trade, it’s essential to carefully and efficiently manage all the costs associated with your projects. This can be easier said than done, especially when you’re doing lengthy take-offs and estimates for all your potential projects. Here’s how RapidBid can simplify all of that for you.

Manual insulation estimates waste time and money

To understand how RapidBid really makes a difference for insulation contractors, it’s important to consider the alternative. Perhaps your current workflow goes something like this:

  1. Receiving a large number of files from your potential client, containing the plans for a project
  2. Manually sorting the files to determine which ones are relevant for insulation
  3. Sending the selected plans to be printed
  4. Collecting the drawings and finding somewhere to work on them
  5. Laying out the drawings and getting your pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers etc.
  6. Painstakingly examining, drawing, writing down, adding up, calculating and counting
  7. Transferring everything to your takeoff sheet
  8. Checking and double checking everything
  9. Correcting any mistakes you made the first time and recalculating
  10. Transferring everything again to your estimate, and checking again
  11. Entering all your prices and manually calculating the totals
  12. Transferring the estimate yet again into a format you can send to the client

This is really simplified and there might be more steps, but you can immediately see how much time is involved. You probably know all this from experience, but thinking about it in these terms goes some way to explaining why your profits may not be as high as you’d hope. Ultimately, this time is wasted, and that costs you money.

Software to make your work easier (and more profitable)

With RapidBid, most of the steps we mentioned above are either removed or dramatically cut down. For a start, there’s no need to deal with physical stationery or paper printouts. All you need is your computer screen, mouse and keyboard to complete the entire process.

Opening the files you require is simpler, because the software lets you quickly preview each drawing from a list or folder full of different plans. Only some of these will be relevant for insulation, so you can just click these ones and head to the next step within a few seconds.

When you have a suitable drawing open, the intuitive take-off tools and view controls make it easy to move around a drawing and find everything you need to. Measurements can be taken at the click of a mouse, including areas and volumes. Colour-coded layers can be created, hidden or highlighted to help you focus on what you’re working on.

With a range of powerful additional tools, you’ll find it easy to manipulate and analyse your drawings in record time. When you’re done, all the numbers will be pulled through to your estimate sheet. This method is a major shortcut compared to doing everything manually.

Free insulation software demo available

Seeing how the program actually works is the best way to explain why we’re so confident you’ll save time and money by using it. If you think you might be interested, but you’re not sure yet, we highly recommend this as your next move.

We don’t expect you to commit to anything, so of course the free demo is completely no-pressure and no-strings-attached. It’s just a chance to see it in action, at a time that works for you. Simply select a slot by clicking below.

As a bonus, the demo will be run by one of our expert team members who can talk you through all the basic features and answer any questions you have. It’s a great opportunity to get personal advice and recommendations based on the needs of your business.