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Roofing estimating software

As a roofing contractor, you probably already use software as part of your work. For example, if you use spreadsheets to put together estimates, you probably spend quite a lot of your time on that every time you start preparing for a new potential project.

However, a surprisingly high proportion of roofers still complete most (if not all) of this process manually, by hand, on sheets of paper. Even if spreadsheets come into play later on, the early stages involve pens, pencils, calculators and lots of duplication of work from one sheet to another.

RapidBid offers another way. Our software includes specialist digital tools that work perfectly for roofing projects, making the whole task much easier and quicker to complete. You could easily save a significant amount of time, and that’s likely to make all the difference when it comes to your profits.

If you’re interested in learning more based on that promise, keep reading and we’ll explain exactly how it works. If you’re ready to see it for yourself (which we highly recommend) skip ahead to book your free demonstration and one of our team will walk you through it personally.

Software designed to save roofers time

The problem with the old fashioned, manual approach is that it takes so much time. We’ve spoken to a lot of contractors over the years, from all types of markets including roofing, and one consistent complaint is that estimating simply takes too long. That’s the key problem we wanted to address with RapidBid.

Time is obviously vital for any business, but for roofers and other contractors the effect of wasted time is particularly clear. Time spent struggling with large, complex drawings at your desk is time you won’t be able to spend on site i.e. actually getting paid by your client. Reducing that time therefore has a direct effect on how much money you can make.

Even if you use spreadsheets to assist with the estimating process (which is probably a given in the digital age), this kind of software isn’t build to handle your specific task. It can be done, of course, but it’s needlessly complicated in most cases, and doesn’t get any quicker no matter how many times you repeat the same process. That’s another thing we learned from contractors and considered when putting together our software. So how does it work?

Easy-to-use tools that get the job done faster

Starting from the beginning of the process that contractors typically go through on every project, we decided to create a piece of software that would enhance or automate every possible step. RapidBid is built with your workflow in mind so it can help you optimise the entire process, making your business model instantly more cost-effective.

Taking it step by step, here are a few of the key ways in which RapidBid builds on the way you already work as a roofer, and simply makes it easier for you.

1. Selecting your files

Firstly, when you have a ton of paper drawings to sort through, it’s unlikely that you’ll even be able to get started within the first few minutes. Organising files on-screen is much easier with RapidBid, because you can preview the digital copies of your drawings and quickly identify which ones you want to open.

2. Focusing on what’s important

As a roofer, only certain parts of each drawing will be relevant to you when you complete your take-off. If your file has layers built into it, the software will allow you to show or hide these so you can find what you’re looking for more easily.

3. Automatic detection and counting

If you need to highlight or count every copy of a particular item on your drawing, there’s no need to do it by eye. The software can take care of it automatically, you just need to select what you’re looking for. This is a major time-saver that also helps ensure your figures are accurate.

4. A powerful toolkit for measurements

One of the most important features for roofers is the ability to draw custom shapes when you need to measure lengths, areas and angles. RapidBid offers flexible tools on-screen so you don’t need to manually calculate these – just a few clicks will generate the answers you need.

5. Cut down on unnecessary duplication

Working with all your figures in one place, on one screen, is a huge advantage compared to the alternative method. It means you don’t have to continuously enter the same numbers all over again, or check and double-check that you’ve transferred data correctly from manual take-off papers to your final estimate.

Metal, wooden or tiled roof estimating – RapidBid software does it all

The great thing about a specialised platform like RapidBid is that all your needs have been anticipated. We’ve put a huge amount of research, development and continuous improvement into the software already, and it’s only getting better with time thanks to suggestions from our users.

This means that roofers, for example, will find all our intuitively-designed features are very easy for non-experts to pick up quickly. The tools in offer within the program are flexible enough to be used on all kinds of projects, but powerful enough to get the results you need very quickly. The more you use the software, the faster you’ll get.

Aside from flexibility, RapidBid’s unique and user-friendly interface offers a few more advantages when compared to other types of estimating software you might come across:

  • Very affordable pricing, which reflects our vision since the beginning. Our tools are suitable for all types of businesses, whether you’re a very small team with modest plans to grow or a large firm that needs to optimise processes.
  • Productivity-based software that’s specifically engineered to help you make more money than it costs, exponentially increasing your capacity to make money.
  • Flexibility and freedom due to making your processes paper-free, or as close as they can be. With RapidBid, you can work on a take-off wherever you have your laptop.
  • Help and advice from the experts whenever you need it, should you decide you want to get even more out of our software. Our team are knowledgeable, friendly and keen to offer practical solutions to any issues you’re facing with your estimating process.

Experience our roofing estimating software with a free demo

On the subject of our team, we’d love the opportunity for one of our colleagues to walk you through the software. It’s the best way for you to not only see the software on your own screen, but also have the chance to ask questions about how it can help your roofing business.

Your time is valuable, so we’ll leave the decision up to you when it comes to booking your free demonstration. Just click the button below to see a list of all the dates and times we have available, then select whichever one you prefer. At the given time, we’ll be in touch to connect remotely to show you the software.

Please note: With the free demo, there’s never any obligation to pay for anything or even download the free trial. We’ll leave it to you to decide whether your business could benefit from the time savings offered by RapidBid.