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Electrical engineers and contractors can save hours on every single quote using RapidBid, which really makes a difference when you’re under pressure to prepare a quote for a project with a tight deadline.

Electrical estimating software – free download

Stop and think for a moment about the sheer amount of time that it actually takes you to create a quote, assuming you don’t use any software. It’s difficult to even count up the hours you’d ultimately spend sorting, examining, measuring, counting, transferring, checking and double checking.

For contractors who specialise in the electrical trade, studying drawings to count up all the relevant components and measurements can be particularly dull and time-consuming. Especially for large projects, it can be overwhelming trying to quickly (and accurately) count up the number of cables, sockets, light fittings and so on that are required.

Before you even reach this point, remember to factor in the spare time you’ll need to collate all the relevant drawings and get them printed. You might be able to arrange this yourself, or perhaps outsource it to a local print shop (along with the hassle and expense of sending and collecting the printouts).

Either way, it’s a frustrating extra step that’s also unnecessary, as we’ll see when we look at RapidBid in more detail. To skip ahead to the software and find out for yourself what it can do to transform your way of working, click the button below.

You’re wasting money on the old methods – here’s why

Using the traditional, long-winded approach we’ve just briefly summarized may appear to have a couple of advantages. Primarily, it’s the safe and comfortable option because a lot of people are averse to changing the way they work. Many contractors insist that the way they’ve always done it is the best, or in even more cases, they simply haven’t considered that this might not be their only option.

Unfortunately, the downsides to sticking with this seemingly easy method are all too clear. Wasted time is always wasted money when it comes to business, but for electrical contractors it’s particularly easy to see how much you’re throwing away. Think about the hourly rate you could be getting paid on site, and then think about how many hours you spent on the last few quotes you put together. It adds up, fast.

So, if time is money, then cutting down on the time spent quoting should make it easier to improve your overall profit margins. Great, but how is that possible? We’ve just established that the manual process of completing take-offs and estimates simply takes a long time. What is the alternative, you might be asking?

Introducing RapidBid electrical estimating software

Here’s our solution: RapidBid, the easy-to-use software you’ve been waiting for, even if you didn’t realise it. We firmly believe that RapidBid is a revolutionary answer to a long-term problem that simply hasn’t been solved until now.

The basic concept is that everything you used to do on paper can now be done on a screen, and it’s a significantly smoother process. The entire journey from taking an initial enquiry to sending the complete quote back to the client could easily take you half the time. In many cases, our users tend to save closer to 70% or 80% of the time they used to spend.

RapidBid isn’t complicated to use, but it is powerful. We’ll provide you with the training you need to get the most out of the program, which is packed with features designed to make your life as an electrical contractor that much easier.

How the process works with RapidBid

To give you an idea of how much more straightforward the take-off and estimating process can be using RapidBid, here are just a few of the great features you’ll wonder how you ever managed without.

Firstly, you have the ability to open the digital copies of your drawings using RapidBid and use the Review tab to quickly preview each one. You can easily ignore any irrelevant drawings and choose the important ones i.e. those that relate to the electrical plans. This means you don’t have to manually open every single file, which can save a lot of time on every job, and that’s just the beginning.

An exciting thought for many contractors is the prospect of eliminating the need for rulers, highlighters and papers scattered across your desk (and every other flat surface in the room). RapidBid accomplishes this by providing a full set of virtual measuring and counting tools, so you can instantly mark up your drawings and take off everything that’s relevant to your quote.

For example, when you draw a line, not only will you see it on the drawing, but the real length of that line will instantly be reflected in your take-off list. The same happens when you click to count instances of the same component, or measure more complex lengths, areas or volumes.

RapidBid also helps to make this whole task quicker and easier by allowing you control over the layers on your drawing. Many PDF plans come with preset layers you can switch off to hide irrelevant details, but even if layers aren’t provided, the program can take care of that. The AutoCount function instantly detects all copies of the same symbol, and you can choose to highlight or hide these to make your job easier.

Calculations and measurements are all just a click away, so you’ll soon find that you’re able to fly through take-offs and estimates much faster than ever before. The beauty of this is that you’ll have full control over how you spend your time again, allowing you to focus on what matters to you and your business. You’ll also more than likely gain a competitive advantage over any rivals who are still using the slow, old-fashioned method.

See it for yourself with a free demo

Another thing worth noting: we aren’t interested in ripping anyone off when it comes to pricing. There are multiple subscription options to unlock different features in RapidBid, and we’ll help you select the ideal package for the requirements of your business. Whatever your choice, we offer competitive prices that typically work out significantly lower than the value of the time saved.

That means you’re likely to end up better off than you started, and you’ll notice the benefits immediately once you’re trained on the software. Before all that, though, we don’t expect you to make a commitment without seeing the potential for yourself.

That’s why we offer a free demonstration, where you’ll get the chance to see exactly how the software works. It’s all done remotely, at a time that suits you. One of our team will connect to your computer so you can see the software in action, and you’ll have a chance to ask as many questions as you like.

We’ll help you understand how the program can fit in with your existing way of working, and recommend the best way to proceed if you like the software as much as we think you will.

To book your free demo, simply click the button below to see the list of available time slots we have coming up, then choose one that fits in with your schedule.