Estimating software designed for ductwork projects

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Is Rapid suitable for ductwork contractors?

RapidBid is designed around your workflow as a contractor.

Ductwork is a perfect example, since take-offs and estimates in this trade can often take almost as long as the work itself. RapidBid transforms the way you work, cutting this time down to a minimum and boosting your profits immediately.

Why traditional ductwork estimating doesn’t work

It’s essential in any business to work quickly and efficiently if you want to make more money in a given amount of time. For ductwork contractors, this is a delicate balance to strike. Accuracy is hugely important, as small mistakes in your calculations can cause major issues later in the project.

You need to know you have the right materials and components when you start installing the system, otherwise you risk errors and delays that can cost a lot of money and jeopardise your relationship with your customer.

On the other hand, taking too long to put together your quote might mean you miss out on the opportunity altogether. The client might not realise you’re taking your time on a manual take-off to ensure it’s accurate for them, especially if one of your competitors is doing it faster using estimating software.

The problem stems from doing everything manually. Printing and analysing drawings, counting and calculating by hand… there are way too many opportunities for errors, and it simply takes too long. Surely technology can make this much simpler? That’s where RapidBid can help.

Better ductwork software, higher profits

When you use RapidBid to handle your ductwork estimating workflow, everything changes for the better. Eliminating the need for any paper, pens, rulers, highlighters and so on, you can simply rely on the suite of on-screen tools in the program to do the job for you.

Starting with the drawings, you can easily import only the most relevant files after quickly previewing each one. Within seconds, you’ve saved a significant amount of time and can make a start on the plans that are relevant to ductwork installation.

Following that, you can take off all the necessary elements of each drawing with a few simple clicks of your cursor. As you go along, you can define each fitting and component so the correct quantities are instantly displayed in your estimate. That significantly speeds up the process of actually calculating a quote, since all you need to do is factor in any additional costs. The end result is a total cost estimate with a detailed breakdown that you can send to your client.

The estimate you’ll ultimately create will be precisely calculated by software rather than a tired, time-pressured human brain. This dramatically reduces the chance of mistakes being made, so in the long run your profits are safer. Moreover, the fact that it takes several hours less on average is a huge benefit for any ductwork contractor, large or small.

Free software demo for ductwork contractors

RapidBid is powerful, but very straightforward and intuitive at its core. After all, the software has been developed by people who fully understand the process of working on estimates, and constantly refined based on real user feedback.

We’re confident you’ll be impressed when you see it in action, so we’d like to offer you that opportunity. By clicking the button below, you can book a free demo at a time that suits you, and we’ll talk you through it.

Something worth nothing: we won’t pressure you to make a decision. It’s a no-strings demo just to show you how it works. However, you’ll get the chance to ask any questions you like and we’ll be able to give you some personalised advice.